How To OffeR A Public Cloud Engine

Offering a chess engine on your machine to the public is easy:


Hints for providers:

At the beginning set a low booking fee (zero) if you want many people to try out your machine. Offer your engine for free to gain experience points. You will still earn Ducats because users might rent your box at the "reliable rate". People might try out your engine for only one minute or two, but this is ok, you want to get known and liked.
Once your offer is well known and respected, a higher booking fee and low minute rate encourages serious users who prefer long sessions.

Increase your chances by offering different engines than other people. Users might want to analyse with more than one engine at once. The fact of "cloning" means that modern engines play very much alike. They are optimized for computer chess match strength. However for analysis, users might prefer original engines like e.g. Deep Junior which suggest differing moves.

The server will identify your engine by your name, the engine name and a hardware identification key. It will calculate average node speeds for you and sum up the "Likes" received from users.